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Medicine : Butalbital

Dosage : 40 mg

Qty : 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 pills

Min price : $2.61 per pill

Delivery : Worldwide

Shipping cost : $30.00

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Medical News Today: Long-term acetaminophen use during pregnancy may affect boys' fertility

Three daily acetaminophen pills for a week lowers testosterone levels in male fetuses, according to a new mouse study, but occasional pills during pregnancy do not cause harm.

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Medical News Today: Heart failure patients with cognitive impairment 'may have worse outcomes'

New research suggests that cognitive impairment in older heart failure patients could predict worse health outcomes such as readmission to hospital or death.

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Medical News Today: Food choices influenced by memory

A stronger memory of a specific food may encourage us to opt for that food, even if it is the less attractive choice, according to a new study by researchers from Switzerland.

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