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Max Pharmacy

Medicine : Fosamax

Dosage : 5 mg, 10 mg, 35 mg, 70 mg

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Rx Torg

Medicine : Fosamax

Dosage : 10 mg, 35 mg, 70 mg

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Delivery : Worldwide

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Payment methods : Visa MasterCard American Express » Show Prices

If you don't know where to buy Fosamax, you can buy Fosamax now online or pick it up at your local pharmacy with a prescription. Fosamax is used in the treatment of menopausal women to prevent osteoporosis. This is a condition causing the bones to become brittle and porous. Fosamax increases bone mass and reduces the chance of fractures. Both men and women can take Fosamax. It is taken every day in the morning.

Fosamax pills are not available, however Fosamax tablets can be taken by mouth only. You may take it with a full eight ounces of water. Take Fosamax thirty minutes before you eat. You cannot take Fosamax with coffee, orange juice, or milk. Swallow the tablet intact, and do not chew it or cut it up.

Fosamax side effects are very serious in nature. Anaphylactic reactions can occur. Seek medical help immediately if you experience a swelling in the face or tongue, trouble breathing, or hives. You may also have difficulty swallowing or an onset of chest pain. Other side effects include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, muscle and bone soreness, eye pain, and an change in your taste.

Do not drink alcohol while taking Fosamax. This can lead to loss of bone density. Antacids may also decrease the working of Fosamax. Don't take any other medicines you may be on within thirty minutes of Fosamax.

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